It is proposed to undertake restoration and maintenance of the various roads within the Croom district including Toureen, Dullas Passage, Anhid Cross, Rathbrana, Dunaman and Rathbranagh. At the recent county council area meeting Patrick C. Fitzgerald MMC welcomed the proposals to undertake the maintenance of these roads which have been badly damaged over the winter period. Over half a million euros has been granted to the Croom area and district for the restoration maintenance and strengthening and drainage work fro the area.
The M20 Motorway action group submitted a submission in objecting to the new proposed M20 Motorway which if sanctioned will have a major effect in the future development of Croom. In the submission by the Croom Action Group it stated that Croom would suffer all the detrimental effects that accrue from having a Motorway built through it and it will deny any benefits that might accrue from better transport access. This is unacceptable as submitted by Croom M20 Motorway Action Group.
The proposal to close the access ramp/interchange. Which leads directly from the N20 into the Town of Croom, which will have the effect of cutting Croom off from the public/tourist traffic. This cannot be considered to be capitalising on the potential of the area to act as a gateway. This will have a detrimental effect on the economy of the town. Its potential for growth and the objectives set out in PLUTS and the Croom local area plan 2009-2015. The junction at Croom is proposed to be moved to a point 4.5kms approximately North of Croom at the Fanningstown interchange (location of the Adare bypass). On the Southern side of Croom the next exit will be the Bruree exit approximately 11kms to the South of Croom. This means that anyone travelling from Limerick to Cork via the historic town of Croom will in essence have to travel some 15.5kms approximately from when they exit the M20 at Fanningstown until they can rejoin the M20 at Bruree exit. This will have a detrimental effect in the Commercial life of the town

The Croom Action Group have grave concerns regarding the proposal to divert all non motorway traffic onto the Ballingarry Bridge, various traffic that cannot use the motorway agricultural vehicles, learner drivers, vehicles not capable of 50kph, vehicles under 50cc, cyclists, pedestrians and animals and local heavy goods vehicles. This will lead to immense traffic congestion on the roundabout at the Ballingarry road bridge, where there are houses GAA ground and Cemetery on the Ballingarry roadside and will lead to increased traffic on this junction to a significant safety hazard.

Croom is currently served by a daily 2 hour City Link service that serves various towns between Cork and Galway. A grave concern regarding the effect that this closing of the access to Croom will have on the viability of this service. The Croom M20 Motorway states that generations of people in Croom will suffer economically and will become more isolated if a solution and an amendment are not forthcoming. Submissions closed for people wishing to submit objections or amend the design as proposed by the NRA.